Samsung Bada OS - First Screenshots Leaked


Samsung recently announced the new Bada OS and there are already screenshots running around the net.

We never say no to spicy rumors, but hey, we do have something to say about those screen captures:


OK, so first, it looks OK. Not too bad.

Left image reminds me of the iPhone UI, second one from the left has the colors of the HTC/WinMo UI's, the right one looks too much like the Android's home screen but hey, companies are running out of ideas, right?

Here are some more of those (click to enlarge):


Looks like there will be 2 main buttons and one popup menu a-la android style. Facebook/twitter integration is now commodity of course and the one in the right presents a multiple pages shortcuts like the iPhone.

Sweet. What about the Samsung widgets? TouchWiz? No? Oh, OK...

(Source: GSMDome -a great site I just discovered today by the way)