Things you didn't know about cell-phones

History2 copy

Check this video out - I bet you will find some interesting facts you didn't know about the great world of mobility!

Also - check our Mobile Spoon's History of PDAs guide:
- History of PDAs - Part #1
- History of PDAs - Part #2
- History of PDAs - Part #3
- Why text messages are limited to 160 characters?



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MarkAvo said…
Great articles all! Fair to each company (maybe should have included more on RIM innovations).  It's nice that this new mobile world of computing has so many options compared to the old PC model.  Let's hope that ALL the companies stick around for a long time to come.  I'd' rather see competition between Symbian, Palm, Android, RIM, MS and Apple than just Apple, Microsoft and a few Linux loyalists.

And, in case you were trying to guess, I'm a PC.