Tweak: Change the location of the lock slider


Windows Mobile 6.5 included a new lock screen which is supposed to be finger friendly. Unfortunately even though the slider is big enough it's located in the top area of the screen which is ANNOYING! especially is you are using the new incredible HTC HD2 .

I've been looking for a way to change the location of the slider to be more user friendly, and found and answer in the temple of smartphones - XDA Developers.

Most of the Hacks for Titanium will come from the ".cpr" files found in the windows directory. Cpr files are simply xml files (and to edit them you will simply need to rename them to .xml, use an .xml editor, and then rename them back to .cpr) ....or you can of course just use the "right-click open as" and open them with word pad, microsoft xml editor, etc.

If you don't mind getting a little bit dirty - head over to XDA and find out how to change the location of the lock slider.

For VGA devices - click here

For QVGA Devices and some more information about how to edit the XML file - Click here.

Alternatively you can check out our own Incomplete Guide to Windows Mobile Screen Unlockers and simply remove the 6.5 default lock screen... 

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