U.S. Smartphones OS Market Share

Smartphones OS Market Share

Today I ran across an interesting article down at the MobileCrunch showing some great numbers for RIM and Apple and really poor ones for the good old Microsoft. For the first time Apple manages to bypass Microsoft's market share (active devices only). This is truly a significant moment in the history of the Smartphones.

I've been writing about the downfall of Windows Mobile for a while now, but whenever new devices like the HTC Touch HD2 comes out - they make me believe again that there is hope.

Bottom line - I'm not sure there's a lot of hope to a platform that suffers from a really bad name around usability and also a bad momentum. Will HTC manage to save it? I think it's Microsoft who should finally do something to save itself...

Windows Mobile - The End-?

iPhone vs. Android vs. WinMo vs. WebOS vs. BlackBerry – Fight!


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