Add multi-threading to support your iPhone

This week I renewed some of the love to my iPhone by adding a bunch of cool new tweaks and apps to my jailbroken phone.

Multi-threading is one of the biggest problems raised when talking about Apple's toy, for me it is no longer a problem, thanks to an application called Backgrounder.

Multi-Threading Comes to iPhone:
Backgrounder will let you minimize your running apps without really closing them. This means the status of the app is kept and things are continuing to run in the background (for instance, downloading files, listening to Pandora radio while using GPS navigators and more).


Palm Pre Running on your iPhone:
If background threads are not enough, how about Palm Pre's cards style tasks manager?
ProSwitcher comes as an addition to Backgrounder and gives the ability to press the home button for long and by that – opening the cards interface and easily go back to your running apps. I must say this tool works amazingly – it feels integral part of the iPhone OS.


BTW, ProSwitcher also comes with a large number of configuration points, I really like the flexibility of this tool.

Both applications can be downloaded using Cydia and are still FREE!!! 

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This gives me a reason to jailbreak my iphone. I'd love to get this feature. Thanks for sharing.