Apple iPad… Not sure I understand it…

You know the drill:
- Apple releases something amazing.
- We all get excited and disappointed at once.
- All the Apple fans are standing in line to get one.
- We all attack it, compare it to a stone, laughing at it
- Second and third versions are released
- We all get one.


So like most of the gadgets fans out there, I watched Apple's announcement, and liked the eye candy tablet.

What is this thing exactly?
But, there are questions to ask: what is the working mode of this thing? Will the simplicity of the iPhone be enough when people will want to do more with their device? Is it a stunning object people will buy to be seen with or really use?


Take  for example the following scenario: I want to hold down my SHIFT key, select multiple emails with my mouse (oh, no mouse, I forgot, so my other hand) and then delete all the selected emails at once. Will I be able to do that?

No multi-tasking… Again?!
How will people work with a netbook substitute without multi-tasking? This is for me a deal breaker (although I may end up buying the damn thing just for the sports).

How can I use my emails, while reading an interesting site and linking to it from my twitter client – all in front of me at the same time, when there is no multi-tasking?

Must admit this is somewhat funny…


Keyboard… Yes, Again:
With the iPhone, the lack of keyboard was solved with a brilliant virtual keyboard which replaces a tiny physical one – both options are not perfect so the gaps between the physical one and the virtual is not big enough to become a real issue (even though for some of us it is).
When it comes to netbooks – this is not the case, having a keyboard seems like a real need, and the virtual one, as good as it will be, might cause some issues.

What about Camera?
Yes. What about it?

Emm… does it have Flash support?
Great question! Nope! It does not.
Not that I mind that much, but hey, is it a mutant iPhone or a tablet? If it's a mutant iPhone, fine, I will stick with my smaller one, but if it's a tablet, let me see all the sites I expect to see with a tablet.

But… Remember the iPhone:

Will the iPad revolutionize the tablets/netbooks world like the iPhone did for the smartphones? Or will it be a high-end super fancy gadget for Apple's fans?

For now it seems like it misses some key features, but we all said the same thing about the iPhone and we all know what happened in the end…

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Matt G. said…
"...and then we all get one..." lol that is sooo true! I can't say I understand it right out of the box, but it may have potential. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of physical keyboard though.
Rusty S. said…
You speak as if the iPhone has 100% of the whole handset market. They don't even have 100% of the smartphone market.  So what is considered a success for the iPad? 1%, 5% or 10%?