Google Nexus One Gets Torn Apart. Again. And Again.

After all the praises - it's time to calm down a little bit to find out that nothing is yet perfect in the kingdom of Androids.

Let's tear down the Nexus One a little bit, won't we?

First, a real tear down by iFixIt resulting in... this:


BGR tested the Nexus One and thinks it's still undercooked.

The screen is not usable in the sunlight, there are inconsistencies in the software, the Exchange support is still mediocre and it seems like the BGR still prefers the iPhone or the BlackBerry (each for it's own strengths) over Android.

Oh, and there's that sensitivity problem in the hardware buttons (with a good video demonstrating the problem)

In addition, it seems like Boy Genius has managed to find many irritating flaws that only an experienced iPhone user can find: inconsistent shortcuts size effecting the touch events, limited copy/paste, messy apps market, no human emotion and many missing features.

Check out BGR beating the sh<beep>it out of Android (and then taking a beating back from all the fandroids out there...)


EngadgetMobile Still Prefers the Droid:

Reading Engadget's Nexus One review - feels, again, as if it's a great phone, with good specs, but not the Earth-shattering, paradigm-skewing device the media and community cheerleaders have built it up to be.

Or, as Engadget wrote: "just another Android smartphone".


Nexus One vs. iPhone:

We'll finish today's beat with a comparison between iPhone and Nexus One, in which, surprise surprise, iPhone wins...again.

So here's a question:
Who should buy the Nexus One?
BlackBerry users might find it's less convenient for business use, iPhone lovers will probably be disappointed with the overall UI like BGR did.
That leaves us with... Symbian and Windows Mobile users?

What do you think?

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