How many mobile devices have you ever had?

The 6th Annual SPB Survey is over. More than 11 000 forms were filled (almost twice as many as in the last year).

SPB has recently published the results and although there are a few SPB apps for the iPhone, it's clear (and can be seen in the results) that most of SPB's customers are using Windows Mobile.

Notice that 45% of the people mentioned they used more than 6 devices so far (???) - isn't that really A LOT?




Visit SPB Annual Survey Results 

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Patrick Hermawan said…
My "real" phone (I use it, I put data in it) :
2007 : Nokia N-Gage QD
2008 : Nokia 6300
2009 : HP iPAQ h6365
2009 : Dopod 900 (HTC Universal)
2009 : Dopod 838 Pro (HTC Hermes 100)
2009 (end) : HTC Touch Pro (HTC Raphael)