How to solve the 2016 SMS bug?


Can it be that the Y2K Bug is actually happening now?

Can it be that all the developers that were employed to fix the Y2K problem actually postponed it in 10 years believing things will be completely different by that time?


If you are using WinMo and facing the problem of getting SMS messages from the future (2016), WMExperts have some workarounds, at least until Microsoft will find a solution.

A temporary workaround has been found:  Download this .cab and give a thanks to Ziggy471 & Scientific for working on this issue!  
The Ziggy patch works by using your device time instead of the SMS gateway server to record time sent.

Another options is to you this one: Added a MS Tag option for direct download too.  Also, follow the technical discussion at Slashdot as to why this happened.

Enjoy, and see you back in 2010! (...?)

[Source: WMExperts]

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