iPad Jokes Collection (pics and videos)

Of course you see those jokes everywhere nowadays, but I thought I would summarize the better ones I received from some of our readers.


ipad-joke-2 ipad-joke-1 

And of course, the inevitable one:
The obvious comparison:


And here are some funny videos including an hilarious one about Hitler losing his faith in Apple.

Thanks for sending me the tips!


Leica said…
Here is apple ripping everyone off again (at least the people stupid enough to buy there products)
They will milk this as much as they can, then they will release a new one and say it has all the latest tech, the only thing different is they will add a camera or something.
Then all the stupid people will abandon the old one and buy the latest model. Then apple will add gps or something.
Why do people buy this rubbish and not be able to see how much apple are conning them.
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