iPhone 4.0 – here I come!

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The debate about what is the best mobile operating system never ends, it's just becoming harder to pick the better option.

Of course everything is subjective, but as I used to be a WinMo guy and completely moved to iPhone, I recently realized most of the technology blogs and sites owners have switched from something to iPhone.

What does it mean? Since many of them are getting all kinds of phones, the fact that they are eventually returning to the iPhone means a lot.

I recently read about a speculation that the next iPhone will be released around April. Regardless if it's true or not, and even though I'm far from being an Apple fan, I'm planning to replace my old iPhone 3G with the next iPhone which in my opinion continues to lead the way.


Brad M. said…
Gil, your decision to stick with the iPhone seems more about not seeing anything else that compelling coming down the road than it does about must-have features of the next iPhone.  Part of this is due to the market (and the media) basically ignoring other platforms (except, of course, Google's Android) and acting is if the iPhone is the only smartphone around.  This is problematic as that the iPhone is being treated as if it's some kind of standard...like everyone has one, yet it's a proprietary product from an ultra closed company.  The iPhone has a lot of compelling qualities for sure, but its updates have pretty much been iterative--it's basically the same phone that came out in 2007.  Much of the demand simply is generated by its own popularity and the sort of "left out" feeling that results from not having one.  At that point, whether or not it's the "best" platform or what-not is irrelevant.
Anonymous said…
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