A dinner with Nexus One


Far away from all the MWC mess, I had a dinner with Google's Nexus One. Well, not with the Nexus of course, but with a friend who has it.

The Mobile Spoon will publish an official review of this exciting phone but as for yesterday evening, I did manage to get some first impression of the device.

Let's start with the good things: the design. It's amazing. Probably the best looking phone to date. Great screen, resolution, 4 hardware buttons (we will get back to them soon), trackball, rounded edges and a fantastic back cover.

The Android OS is great, it does have some problems here and there but in general you cannot compare it with the older versions of the OS. The user interface has significantly improved, the smoothness of the finger gestures is perfect in most of the places, and the multi-touch works fine.

The first thing I tried was the web browser. Comparing to my previous meeting with an Android device it is fast, smooth, the scrolling is perfect, and all – using 3G and not WiFi.

I did encounter one repeating problem though, with some links that did not react as they should, opening the wrong page over and over again. Not sure if it's just me and my fingers, but somehow I believe it's a problem in the software (but one that can be probably solved easily).

The calendar app looks refreshing and the widgets are… well, there are widgets, I'm not a huge fan of them, but I guess they are fine.

Another problem I found which is probably not new to most of you is with the hardware buttons. With such a great screen that reacts perfectly to finger, it's a shame that HTC managed to screw things up with the hardware buttons. Too often I couldn't make the buttons do what I wanted. After 5 minutes it started to actually piss me off. I believe that once a typical user get used to the sensitive spots of the buttons, things might get better, but why wasn't it found during the technical tests?

Looking ahead, we will publish a detailed review in 1-2 weeks. So stay tuned with some more updates to come.


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