Having difficulties to type? Try SmallQWERTY


There are many ways to type, some faster than the others, but most of them keep the same QWERTY layout.

SmallQWERTY from Mobience tries to provide the fastest way to type by changing the layout of the QWERTY buttons so that popular letters will appear first.

The device can connect to smartphones, netbooks and UMPC's to allow faster typing:


Interesting concept, but they are not the first to try it, (we wrote about Cliquick in the past, and the way it optimizes the layout of the keys). The keyboard is also available as a software available for iPhone and Android.

I'm thinking that if I would invest in getting an external keyboard to type faster (which I will probably won't) – I will probably prefer if it would simply come as a full QWERTY keyboard (in a minimized size probably…)

Here's a video demonstration:

You can read more about SmallQWERTY in here.

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