SpoonMan Recommends: Swype Virtual Keyboard


Few days ago, following a recommendation from Fuze expert David K, I gave swype a serious try on my HTC Touch Pro 2. (OK, you caught me, it's not mine, but I'm never going to bring it back, never!)

I'm blown away with the results. The keyboard does magic. That's the only title I can think of after using it for a while. You swing your finger a little bit and you get words… just like that.

Of course, there are mistakes here and there, and I think that some kind of an automatic spell check might complete it, but over all it's amazing.

You SHOULD give swype a try, there are some free CAB files for TP2 over the XDA-Developers, but I'm sure you will manage to find the right version for your Windows Mobile device.

I can't wait to try it out on a capacitive screen.


Bruce said…
Wow, Swype rocks.  Good-bye TouchPal!
Parrotlover77 said…
I was underwhelmed, honestly.  I gave it a good try for two days and although I got pretty good at it, I just couldn't match the speed I get with more standard systems like FingerKeyboard.

I will admit, it is very clever and maybe those who really train themselves might do better.
Metformin said…
Yes swype is really nice to use its like a magical wand