What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3?


Seems like a lot has changed since 6.5. Here's the official features list introduced with WinMo 6.5.3:

Ease of Use features

* Capacitive touchscreen support
* Platform to enable multitouch
* Touch controls throughout system (no need for stylus)
* Consistent Navigation
* Horizontal scroll bar replaces tabs (think settings>system>about
* Magnifier brings touch support to legacy applications
* Simplified out-of-box experience with fewer steps
* Drag and drop icons on Start Screen

IE Browser Performance

* Page load time decreased
* Memory management improved
* Pan & flick gestures smoothed
* Zoom & rotation speed increased

Quality and Customer Satisfaction features

* Updated runtime tools (.NET CF 3.5, SQL CE 3.1)
* Arabic read/write document support
* Watson (error reporting) improvements and bug fixes

I must say this is pretty impressive (#$%&^&!!) for a version that went out without a special notice!


Now I'm looking forward to see the first reviews of the Sony Ericsson Aspen, the first device to run it (officially that is…) and look nice as well…