Windows Mobile is not dead, despite of the fact it is dead

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If you thought Windows Mobile 6 was put to rest, with the release of the Windows Phone 7 Series, guess again. The immortal OS, with years of experience (check out out History Of PDA's line) and a lot of ups and downs (well, lately it was mainly downs) will probably be continued and distributed by a company called Bsquare.

According to a press release by Bsquare, "the leading software solutions provider to the global embedded device community, will offer the new Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU, software designed to help OEMs reach new and emerging markets with their consumer mobile handsets. As the global distributor for Windows Phone, Bsquare customers include both handset manufacturers developing Windows Phones for consumers and rugged device manufacturers shipping data collection terminals to businesses and other OEMs.


The Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition supports just about every kind of mobile phone connectivity used today - 2G GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA2000, EV-DO Rev A and TD-SCDMA (the Chinese home-brewed 3G). It will be available in two versions - with and without Office Mobile.

Drilling into the details a little bit, it seems like Windows Phone 6 started edition is no else than the new Windows Mobile 6.5.3.


Aha! So Windows Mobile is not dead! It is just switching modes, compromising on specific markets and businesses, and probably letting go form the repeating experiences to succeed in the consumer market.


Which actually makes a lot of sense. Organizations need a strong, robust platform to develop enterprise grade applications, and up to now, Windows Mobile was the best alternative. It would be a waste to throw all the Symbol, Psion, and other rugged devices to the garbage just like that, don't you think?

“Businesses are hungry for mobile solutions that can support the needs of both knowledge workers and field service professionals while also providing scalability to IT organizations,” said Brian Crowley, Bsquare’s president and CEO. “Windows Phone is an ideal platform for developing smarter, more compelling devices and the new Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU makes it available to a broader set of device manufacturers globally.  By providing the technical support, training, software products and engineering services to a broader base of customers, we offer a complete solution and are helping expand the Windows Phone device ecosystem beyond the traditional smartphone.”

“By 2013, we expect the total worldwide shipments of converged mobile devices will reach 391.3 million units, making for a CAGR of 20.9% for 2009–2013,” said Will Stofega, IDC analyst for Mobile Device Technology and Trends. ”Mobile devices are in an ideal position moving forward, but in a highly competitive mobile device market, choosing the right mobile operating system is key.”

In addition to the Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition, Bsquare will continue to offer versions of the Windows Phone operating system targeted at higher end consumer devices as well as vertical market devices. Key benefits of the Windows Phone 6 operating system include proven ROI, simplified management, more security and flexibility. New Bsquare customers—including some 15 consumer and rugged device OEMs—will utilize the Windows Phone platform for a number of unique devices including: a mobile device that combines 3G terrestrial wireless capability with satellite voice and data services for government, energy, utility, transportation and maritime applications; mobile terminals targeted at retailers; and rugged field computing devices for land survey, industrial, agriculture and other rugged applications.

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