Android killed the Windows Mobile stars

If you were asking yourself, where did Google Android get all the power from, here's the picture:


Microsoft are about to strike back with the new Windows Phone 7 Series. It will be interesting to check the statistics in a year.


Parrotlover77 said…
I wouldn't be too quick to say Android's 4% gain and Microsoft's 4% loss are completely interchangable.  Note that RIM had a 2% gain and Palm a 2% loss.

More than likely, RIM's gain is MS's loss, moreso than Palm.  I'm speculating, but it makes more sense to me. 

Anyway, just pointing that out.  In my opinion, I'd say RIM and Android split the loss, and Android ate Palm.

I still would take WM 6.5 over Android any day, but I'll be honest in that I haven't handled the Nexus One or Motorola Droid personally yet.  But the earlier Android devices didn't impress me at all.  They just felt like WM, but Java.  And, as a developer, .Net CF kicks the ass of Java, I personally think.  :)
Anonymous said…
I don't know what it is about Android but as an avid WinMo user for 8 years and where iPhone failed to lure me away, Android did. I still couldn't put my finger as to why but anyways, I'm hoping that WP7 will lure me back. :)