First thoughts about the Nexus One


So last week I got myself a Nexus One.

Happy and excited I switched my SIM card from both my BlackBerry and iPhone and decided to turn the Nexus to be my main and only smartphone for the time being.

A week after, I can honestly say the phone has a lot to offer; it is by far the best looking handset I've seen. It's fast as hell, the multi tasking is so powerful, and it seems like the infrastructure of the Android OS is extremely powerful as young as it is.

The Market Place is great for allowing free downloads of stuff, and any kind of apps that Apple wouldn't allow, on the other hand I've yet to find something that can match with some of my iPhone apps just yet.

Oh, and there's this screen thing which for some reason does not really impress me, but I'm half blind…


On the other hand, there are so many small things that seems to be unpolished. the multi-touch is not that great, the finger gestures are almost as good as the iPhone, and there are bugs everywhere. Annoying ones. The kind of bugs you will never encounter when using an Apple product (and I'm not an Apple fan. In fact, the iPhone is the first Apple product I've ever used…).

Another problem I have has to do with HTC always screwing something with their devices. This time it's the hardware buttons which work so bad I would prefer they would exist as part of the screen. Too many times I click on the hardware buttons and nothing happens. I've never seen such problematic buttons in any other device.

So this is not a review just yet, and I do think I need to get used to the Nexus before I can really criticize it – but for now it looks like in a few weeks the Nexus will be downgraded to become number 3rd in my gadgets list between the iPhone and the BlackBerry phones and the Windows Mobile phones…

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