Turn your SPB Mobile Shell into a beautiful Sense UI


It has been a while since I last wrote about an SPB theme.

Here's something I found over at the XDA-Developers:

It's called MobileSense and it makes your SPB Mobile Shell feel like an Android’s Sense UI on a Windows Mobile phone.

The widgets give your device an Android feel, so if you have been in the market for a new UI, this might be your next stop.

* Lots of Sense UI style widgets.
* Spb Weather widget skins.
* Menubar Plugn-in system.
* Sense UI Style Menubar.(Support landscape mode)
* Espresso Style Menubar.
* Omnia Style Menubar.
* Background Changer
* Menu Changer

[Source and download link: XDA-Developers]

You can find more SPB Mobile Shell Themes and Skins in here… 

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harry said…
its awesome

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