Windows Phone 7 theme for ThrottleLauncher


After messing around with SPB Mobile Shell to make it look like Windows Phone 7 – here comes a similar skin for ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1!

1) You will need ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1, download and install that (Download ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1)
2.) Download the ZIP file given below and move the extracted WindowsPhone7 directory on your phone to Program Files\ThrottleLauncher\Setups\
3.) Go to Start menu and start ThrottleConfig. Select Windows7 in Themes.
4.) Go to Start menu and start Throttle Launcher Thanks to extrapurifier for write the install guide

I've played around with it for a while, it's nicely done, but as usual getting into the standard windows is frustrating. Hey Microsoft! Give us the damn thing already would you!?

Windows Phone 7 skin for ThrottleLauncher

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