40% of Blackberry users are willing to trade in for an iPhone


Crowd Science has recently published an interesting survey results in which it seems like more BlackBerry users are ready to switch their device comparing to iPhone or Android users.

According to the results, "Nearly 40% of Blackberry users continue to prefer Apple's iPhone as their next smartphone purchase, but a third of them would also switch to the Android operating system, according to the second smartphone brand loyalty survey conducted semi-annually via Crowd Science's (www.crowdscience.com) advanced research platform for online audience measurement. The Crowd Scientists also found Android users rivaling iPhone users in loyalty, with about 90% of each user group planning to stick with their current brand when buying their next phone."

Personally, I can understand why BlackBerry users feel a little bit "left out" at the moment. Using both BlackBerry and iPhone, I can really see the difference: while every day I get to try and enjoy new innovative apps or just cool games with my iPhone – all I do with my BlackBerry is sending work emails and… call people. Basic – yes, productive – yes, fun? nope.

Does it mean BlackBerry users will gradually switch to iPhone or Android? I think that the answer is that they are already doing it (by the latest sales results) – but it will not be as fast as it seems, because many BlackBerry users are using BlackBerry as part of they organization mobile strategy, and those policies will not change so fast.

Read the full report in here