HP Slate Vs. Apple iPad

Tablets, all over. Here, at The Mobile Spoon, we do not plan to change the theme of the site to tablets, but since it is an interesting topic, and the mobile world will soon include those new devices as legitimate mobile gadgets everyone will carry in the bag, I do intend to relate to tablets every now and then.

The HP Slate is not released yet, but running a multi-threaded-powerful-PC-like platform such as Windows 7 – it will probably be stronger than the iPad but as usual, less usable/finger friendly and all the usual stuff…


Recently there has been a specs comparison (made by HP) showing some differences between the Slate and the iPad. (read our first iPad reviews summary)


The noticeable differences are the CPU, camera and battery time. While the first 2 are better in the HP Slate, the battery time might become a problem (5 hours is really short time comparing to iPad's 10 hours or the netbooks standard 8-10 hours).

Still, check out the entire comparison image (click to enlarge):


Check out this HP Slate's introduction video from CES:


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