Meet Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two


Microsoft has announced what we've been calling "project pink" as the Kin One and Kin Two. (which reminds me that few months ago I doubted if the rumors are true or not, but it seems that ALL RUMORS ARE ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

Anyways, back to Microsoft and the new Kin Phones:

The 2 new social network focused feature phones were manufactured by Sharp.
According to EngadgetMobile "The devices are being marketed as Windows Phones, and while they're ultimately based on most of the same underpinnings of Windows Phone 7, it's a distinctly and totally different experience -- the entire user interface is custom to Kin with a heavy social media slant, a custom browser (we're told it's based on the Zune's browser), and surprisingly, zero support for third-party apps. The displays are capacitive with support for multitouch (yes, you can pinch and zoom in the browser), but there's no support for in-browser Flash or Silverlight."

Microsoft-Kin   Kin-Two-Microsoft-mobile-Spoon Kin-One-Microsoft-MobileSpoon

What else do we know?

Sliding keyboard for both devices, Silverlight anywhere – as part of the main shell and apps. Cloud based pictures app synching the pictures with the website (plus the Kin Studio, which is the desktop application to sync details with your computer), 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 4GB internal storage for the Kin One, 8GB for the Kin Two which also has an HVGA landscape display.

The shell is based on the Zune, but seems to be a customized UI on top of it. It's definitely not Windows Phone 7 and it has not development tools so far.


The main UI is based on rectangles with social network panels (called the loop) and the special sharing spot (called the… spot… surprisingly…) where you just need to drag an item and drop it on the spot in order to share it with your virtual geeky friends.

Check out the following video from MobileCrunch

Visit MobileCrunch for some really important notes about those feature phones.

Loads of details and videos in

Bottom line: not a new operating system, just a couple of nice features phone, one of them even looks nice, focused on social network, user experience and a good camera. That's all.