No series in Windows Phone 7. In the name, that is…


According to the Windows Phone 7 twitter – Microsoft just dropped the name ‘Series’ from Windows Phone 7.

Does it mean we will not have a series of phones and just one? Of course not, but it does mean it will be much easier to talk and write about Windows Phone 7.

I have another suggestion; how about we call it Windows Mobile 7? We are all used to the name already…


Parrotlover77 said…
LOL.  You are like the third person I've seen that suggested going from "phone" back to "mobile."  I agree too.  I think "Windows Phone" just doesn't roll of the tongue like "Windows Mobile."  Plus, WM is used on many non-phone devices.  WM owns the specialized purpose mobile business device market, as I know you know because you develop for it.  Long live WM. ;)

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