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Apr 27, 2010

Smartphones reviews at the MobileSpoon

War of the phones

With so many smartphones out there I am often being asked for my opinion about the new ones; Droid, Nexus, HD2, BlackBerry, iPhone etc.

So first, I must say, I have been changing my mind from time to time, phones are evolving, companies are changing their design, operating systems are changing and fast.

I can tell you that 2 years ago I was using a Windows Mobile phone, then I switched to an iPhone, went all the way to a BlackBerry device and now I'm back to the iPhone.

Every now and then I change my main phone to be a new model for the same of investigation and research, and therefore, my view of things evolves together with the changes in the mobile world.

Here's a list of some of the smartphones reviews we had here at the MobileSpoon – Enjoy!

iPhone vs. Android vs. WinMo vs. WebOS vs. BlackBerry – Fight! Why settle with a single review when we can compare them all together!? Here's some thoughts about the different mobile OS out there…

MobileSpoon Reviews The Nexus One: I was excited to put my hands on this precious gadget, but I was very much disappointed. It's not that bad, but my expectations were high, and I'm definitely not a fan of this one.

Samsung Omnia 2 – The Magic Is Gone: Same here, high expectations, very low satisfaction from a company I really like and a device that in its' first version made me really happy. Here too, I didn't find what I was looking for.

Review- One Night Stand With HTC HD2: what can I say? The beast of Windows Mobile, the animal, amazing specs, great shell disguise but same old Windows Mobile beneath it.

Review- HTC Touch Pro 2: I did not like the first Touch pro too much, this one is much better, but still a bit chubby for my pocket…

The Truth About The BlackBerry Bold: One of my favorites. Nothing fancy, nothing fun, but a working machine, that works, just like old refrigerators…

One night stand with BlackBerry Storm: The proof that RIM is not free of making mistakes… at least in my opinion. I would stick with the current form factor and leave the screen only style to Apple…

Other Smartphones Reviews:

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Enjoy the read!

Gil Bouhnick


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