Why should HTC buy Palm?


Well, firstly, because I want it to. Secondly, because it makes sense.

You see, HTC may prove to the world it is capable of developing and executing when it comes to cutting edge design, great specs and modern mobile technology. but in my opinion, HTC's work lacks a good innovation; in most cases, the company's so called "innovation" is more about taking good ideas that other invented. In the cases when the ideas are really original – they suck (take the bizarre zoom bar of the Diamond/Pro 2 as an example, or the worst-ever-created-D-Pad that was part of the first Diamond/Touch Pro versions.

Palm, on the other hand, is a company full of innovation and genuineness (just the kind of stuff HTC tries to "steal" according to Apple's lawsuit…) . But as much as the company tries to, it just cannot execute well…

So here's my proposal: HTC, you buy Palm. No no no, I don't want to hear a word about it! Sure, it's not cheap, but you can effort it…
You will let the Palm guys do the creative thinking while your folks will be responsible of the efficient execution and the high performance work. (oh, and passing all those patents to HTC of course to solve some of the mess with Apple…).

Together, it might even work!

Great design, best specs, a dedicated operating system, a bunch of new devices (think about the Nexus One running webOS…) – it's going to be cool.

Last time you worked together we got the Treo 750 – still my favorite WinMo device ever!


Parrotlover77 said…
The only reason HTC should buy Palm is for its patent portfolio.  The rest of Palm is dead weight at this point.  They might do well to hire a few more engineers, but I doubt it.  I don't think they are geographically close enough for that to be feasible.  HTC is Taiwanese, isn't it?  And Palm is still 'mericun, I think.

I don't see why so many tech blogs things HTC needs to improve anything.  They are doing pretty awesome on their own thankyouverymuch, remaining relatively platform agnostic, which gives them a lot of freedom.  After all, Microsoft and Google are both wooing them.  That is a most enviable position for any company to be in!!
MobileSpoon said…
You know, I'm not sure why I don't like them, but I just keep getting disappointed by new HTC devices.

I really don't like the first Diamond, the second Diamond, I think the Nexus one has serious problems, and HTC tend to use a lot of ideas other invented.

That's about it, for me at least. I do know to appreciate HTC's performance and great devices specs.
andredhia said…
i think because you (Gil) or MobileSpoon are not put your position in the middle of the phone's war but only just pretending..

i think this blog should be renamed to just an iPhone blog or might be a Palm blog with additional to compare other phones to that apple gadget or so...

Good reviewer should not being trapped to a product..

this is just one of my opinon.

innovation is just not only how to create a new fresh thing... but how to make a state of art technology could be so efficient and fulfill the demand from public needs..

you can see how toyota is growing up to be number one.. they are not the first vehicle maker nor the first who invent the fuel-enerygy technology.. the germany's car has already invented that.. but still, toyota can built new cars with respect from fuel-energy technology into their own style although basically the same with the previous one.. and they can sell it better.. america in the first time think toyota can only be the number one in their asia region but they are wrong.. now, the american car-maker has to give their crown to that japanese car-maker...

this is just my two cents after only seeing and reading MobileSpoon for over a year.. and that is my opinion that the MobileSpoon gives to me for all this time.. and in reality, i am not wrong..
MobileSpoon said…
Andredhia, first I would like to thank you for reading the mobile spoon for over a year. Thanks.

Secondly, I agree that in the past year (actually since I got an iPhone) I became a fan of the device (not the company BTW).
But it happened after using and checking really a lot of other devices so I think I have a pretty wide view of things.

That being said, this site is definitely a subjective one - but such kinds of comments are exactly the things I'm looking for - to start a discussion with different opinions.

Thanks for commenting. Even if you completely criticized my opinoin.