Android fragmentation – some statistics

Many analysts are talking about Google's fragmentation problem with so many different Android OS versions out there.

According to MobileCrunch (in my opinion – one of the best mobile sites) – Android 2.1 finally reaches 1/3 of Android handsets, just as 2.2 looms nearby.

If you are interested to see how Google's new beast is progressing in terms of distributing OS updates to all of those different devices models out there – here's an up to date snapshot:

Android OS versions

Soon Android 2.2 will be released and the fragmentation mess will begin all over again…


Matt said…
This isn't a huge deal, but this fragmentation seems to throw back a bit to WinMo and all of it's federated devices.  I remember as a WinMo user being frustrated at the lack of support for an app or program for the version that I was using, and being further frustrated by trying to find a custom ROM that would load on my device just so I could use certain apps.  I am not a huge Android user, so I don't know if it's to this state yet, but I really hope that it avoids it.