Best Social Media Apps for Windows Mobile

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Are you a friendly social person who likes talking to people on the move? Do you have Windows Mobile phone? If the answers are yes and yes - this post is exactly for you!

Reading this great summary by SpeckyBoy, I couldn't help but linking to some of the applications mentioned and add some of my own suggestions:

Facebook for Win Mobile
Keep up with the latest news and posts with Facebook on your phone. Now your status updates can be up-to-the moment accounts of what you’re doing. Photos and videos are about as close to live-action as you can get. Show your friends what you’re up to, while you’re out and about.

Quakk - an open source twitter application for Windows Mobile check out the link to read more about this good looking twitter client.

AIM 2.0 for Windows Mobile

  • Get AIM activities like status updates.
  • Got friends on other networks? Add your Facebook or Twitter services and never miss an update. Start syncing to your accounts by going to and update your settings.
  • You can add your YouTube or Delicious accounts too.
  • Leave a comment, like an item. Obviously, if your friends don't have the beta they won't know about the Lifestream so if you want to try out commenting back and forth with someone make sure they have the beta too.
  • Read comments made by your friends. Obviously, if your friends don't have the beta, they won't know about the Lifestream. Comments can be made on the desktop AIM beta client or at


Nimbuzz Mobile

Nimbuzz is the complete All-In-One for Windows Mobile: Free calls, instant messaging, and file-sharing and status updates. From a single contact list, chat and call any of your contacts via: Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber, studiVZ and Hyves (supports 3G, Wifi, EDGE and GPRS network connections). You can chat, update and send pictures, or videos with social network friends that are on Facebook, MySpace, studiVZ, Hyves and Gadu-Gadu.


Bebo for Windows Mobile
View the latest updates from any of the people in your Friends list. Leave comments and view comments from your friends Take pictures on your phone, then upload them right to Bebo. Send messages or call people in your Friends list. Manage your profile and post status updates anytime, anywhere.


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