Does BlackBerry Really Have a "Problem"?


There is an ongoing argument about RIM's ability to remain so dominant in the enterprise, especially now when iPhone 4 is going to address some of the critical enterprise needs.

I recently came across an interesting article at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech, discussing BlackBerry's problem.

It talks about the fact that BlackBerry is seen as a special beast: not an iPhone/Android fancy one but also much better than Palm or Windows Mobile phones.

Interesting thought, although RIM once again proved that it is still very strong in the game

According to the article:
"Sales in the most recent quarter reflected that confusion. RIM shipped 10.5 million devices, below the 11 million expected. And pricing power is falling. RIM brass expects its average price to fall between $305 and $310 per phone in the current quarter, versus an average of $311 per device in the fiscal Q4. Not the direction you want things to be headed when new Android devices from all sorts of manufacturers are popping up weekly like spring poppies, and it seems that Apple’s iPhone will be offered by the nation’s No. 1 wireless carrier Verizon soon."


Another interesting opinion was found at emf discussing that same argument. It brings some interesting thoughts:

"Let’s remember a few things about the BlackBerry platform:

  • Generally speaking, it has the best battery life in the market
  • It has the best built-in security features
  • Carriers love the data compression – and so will you when you roam internationally
  • Paired with the BES, it  has unparalleled homogeneous device management functionality

That said, let’s not forget some other things:

  • The web browsing experience is simply not on par with the competition
  • The user experience is not as modern as what can be found on other platforms
  • The touch experience has simply not been as successful as with other platforms
  • The App World does not have anywhere near as many apps as Apple’s AppStore"

I've said in the past that I believe BlackBerry is kind of a wonder. With so many sharks out there, RIM managed to succeed so amazingly, and they might as well continue to do so in the future… but I do feel some slow down… the devices all seem too similar now, the functionality seem to be very standard comparing to iPhone and RIM may be too small and too alone to fight the competition…

Only time would tell.

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