Enterprise Mobility: 10 mobile mistakes you should avoid

10 useful tips that will help you avoid making common mistakes when selecting and implementing an enterprise grade mobile solution.


Here at the MobileSpoon we focus mainly on the fascinating side of mobility for consumers, whereas, in our little blog brother (MobileFever) we I try to write mostly about implementing mobility in large organizations, where devices may need to be rugged, workflows are much more complicated than downloading an iPhone game app, and requirements are tough.

10 mistakes to avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution:

Mistake #1: Neglecting the Field Users
Mistake #2: Being the first to try new technologies
Mistake #3: Selecting the wrong mobile device
Mistake #4: Compromising on usability
Mistake #5: Settling on a hardcoded/customized solution
Mistake #6: Planning a tight project plan
Mistake #7: Creating an inconsistent mobile environment
Mistake #8: Expecting too much out of technology
Mistake #9: Forgetting the big picture
Mistake #10: Leaving security to the end

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