Microsoft Kin Gets Reviewed


Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two (or should we say: Kin1 and Kin2?) will be officially available tomorrow and reviews were already published today.

Here's an extensive video review made by our friend Chuong Nguyen. Thanks for creating this one Chuong! It really summarizes the handheld approach elegantly.

And what do the other blogs say about the Kin?

Engadget’s review ended up with:

"In the end, we’re left with two orphan devices — phones that feel like they should have been killed before they made it to market, but somehow slipped through. It’s clear to us from conversations we’ve had with Microsoft that there are people at the company with good ideas about what phones should and shouldn’t do, but we don’t feel the Kin is representative of those ideas. The execution (or lack thereof) on these products makes us legitimately concerned about what the company will do with Windows Phone 7."

Gizmodo was a bit nicer:

"The Kins have an audience, a sense of style, and—a rarity from Microsoft—a coherent philosophy. They're precocious feature phones, with actual potential. So why are they priced like smartphones?

As a dumbphone killer, the Kin is an easy pitch. As a smartphone competitor, it’s hopeless."



Will it be embarissing to say I kind'a like those goofy looking CutePhones? I think they are slick…

Ouch x 2…

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