What's New? Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Still Leading the Way

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It's that time of the quarter where we get all competitive and try to check how different mobile vendors are doing, and it's always interesting:

Google's Android continues to increase its popularity at a growth rate of 32% (year over year), according to a recent report from AdMob (I wonder if it's because Google just acquired them…). You can read more about it in the March 2010 Mobile Metrics Report.

Another interesting fact is that from the entire Android activities, Motorola's Droid is responsible for 32% while Google's dissapointing Nexus One is responsible only for… 2%… (Another proof that this is one of the biggest Google flops so far?)

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RIM now the 4th largest phone maker

According to research firm IDC, RIM has earned bragging rights as one of the world’s top 5 phone makers. With 10.6 million BlackBerry devices sold during the months of January to March, RIM managed to narrowly beat out fifth place Sony Ericsson by 100,000 phones. Nokia, Samsung and LG finished first, second and third with 107.8 million, 64.3 million and 27.1 million devices sold.

Given that BlackBerry started as such a small company comparing to all the others – this is, yet again, an amazing achievement.

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Apple sold 8.8 million iPhones while Motorola sold 8.5 million last quarter (US only). The crazy part is that those are all, obviously, iPhones while Motorola’s entire line consists of smart and feature phones. Including Droid and Devour.

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