Why is it so hard to build an iPad alternative?


Today I discovered (I'm probably the last one on earth to see it) that HP Slate was probably cancelled…

It shows, once again, how hard it is to compete with Apple's innovation and stubbornness on design perfection.

But, I must ask this: why is it so hard to build a cutting edge mini-tablet that will combine the power of Windows 7 with the slickness of the iPad and some finger friendliness?

It seems to me (and I may be a bit naive here) that all that needs to be done is the following:

Cutting edge design – What can I say, it doesn't have to be as slim as the iPad, it just needs look cool.

Long battery life - heck, my netbook is running Window 7 and lasts almost 10 hours, I think that's more than enough…)

On-screen Keyboard – I've personally seen a lot of great looking virtual keyboard sets for Windows 7, doesn't seem like a serious challenge to me.

Finger friendly UI – tweaking windows around, you can make the fonts bigger, buttons wider and nice finger gestures. Probably will not beat the iPad's usability, but good enough for most users.

Stylus support – thinking of a notebook, I would add stylus support to enable easier hand writing, drawings etc. Exists in our days…

An improved shell - that will combine both traditional desktop with PIM widgets, animations, fun stuff and productivity stuff. Some of it already exists, but I would wrap the desktop in a fancier design that will emphasis the capabilities of a real Windows OS with the day to day activities.

As you can see, most of the things are pure add-ins for windows, which practically exist everywhere!

I just can't see why we don't have such hardware and software today. For me, it seems like someone, again, messed up seriously and let Apple be one step ahead…

Just for that reason, I'm going to get myself an iPad.


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Parrotlover77 said…
There is no technological limitation.  And I will argue with your assertion that Apple has some kind of magic "design perfection."  I find Macs, iPhones, and the iPad extremely frustrating to use.  They do not work well for many people's work flow.

The limitation is marketing.  Steve Jobs could literally take a shit on a plate, and the media would fawn over it like it was the most amazing thing ever produced by any human ever!

Until the media stops being Apple's bitch, they will always have an advantage.  Look at the Gizomodo incident.  What did the media say?  Ohhhh he's just a blogger, Apple is right in this case.  They are like battered spouses.
Just me said…
Ha ha. Great comment.
But I believe it's more than just marketing.