Why is Windows Phone 7 criticism so exaggerated?


There has been a lot of criticism against Microsoft's next generation mobile OS – Windows Phone 7.

Missing copy & Paste, backward compatibility, multi-tasking, etc. Oh no! How can Microsoft do that to us geeky mobile fans!? Can we really live without copy & paste???

I personally do not agree with those opinions, I think Microsoft is building something great that will eventually combine the basic enterprise needs, office, exchange etc. with a new, fresh, and actually innovative user experience and rich gaming and multimedia capabilities.

So what if there will not be copy & paste? As long as I can click on a number or link and the system understands where I want to go – that's fine! After all – it is a mobile smartphone not a laptop.

(And remember we are talking about first release…)


I believe we see good things from Microsoft lately, they had to replace their Windows Mobile infrastructure, simply had to, and when you develop everything from scratch – you need to cut some functionality to release it fast enough (not that I think it's fast enough…). Apple is doing it all the time, Google is doing it all the time, why should we expect something else from Microsoft?

On the positive side – here are 2 new videos showing the office and email hubs – absolutely AMAZING:

You can find some hints about popup menus, system menus, etc, as well as some integration between emails, calendar, etc.

Great stuff:


Parrotlover77 said…
Ahh, the "it's only a version 1" argument.  Well, then my $500 will only not find their way into MS's coffers. lol.  I personally don't think Metro is really that good looking.  I'm not sure why so many people are fawning over it.  It's bulky and bland.  Oh but it has smooth animations.  Awesome.

I think I'm going to take the ugliest old WM2003 apps I can find, and do a negative so they are white on black and not black on white, say it's a new WP7 app, and see how many people fawn over the incredible UI.  As long as it's not animated, nobody will know the difference.

But, anyway, why does everybody think you have to start from scratch?  That's one of the hardest lessons to learn in software development is: DON'T START FROM SCRATCH!  Of course, MS has a ton of cash, so they can afford it, no matter how ill-advised it may be.

Android, in my opinion, is going in the right direction.  Beautiful and gorgeous, but still super powerful and hackable.  Screw Apple and MS for killing the smart phone.