5 iPhone tips and tweaks

A bunch of useful tips I've collected from the world wide wonderful web:

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So here's the thing: spending some time recently with an iPad, Android phones and reading the new iPhone 4 specs, I'm under the impression the iPhone days as the number one smartphone in the world may be numbered: Android, not the most fascinating phone OS in my opinion, is improving and very fast, while iPhone 4 looks promising but not a game changer.

Still, the recent events made me go back to my iPhone 3G and hack the hell out of it to support multi-tasking, today screen (using LockInfo), host some cool new soccer games and thumbnails view of the home screen. Cool.

Here are a few tricks you may not know your iPhone can do (even if it's not jailbroken):

  1. Double click on the space-bar button will actually write a period (exists also for BlackBerry)
  2. Click and hold a link to see the site name and full url.
  3. Hold the home button and click the sleep button to take a screenshot of your current window
  4. Press and hold an image inside a website to download it
  5. While saving a bookmark – the page location and content you have when you click on the bookmark button will actually become the shortcut icon – so you can actually control how the bookmark icon will look like


Check out a lot of other cool tips in the links below…

Besides, not sure you've noticed your iPhone headphones has a small joystick:

Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed.

In call...

  • Press once to answer a call
  • Press twice to send the call to voicemail
  • Press once to hang up a cal

In call while second call coming in...

  • click once to hold current call and switch to new call
  • hold for 2 secs and release to ignore new call

Out of call...

  • Press once to activate iPod and play song
  • Press once to pause song
  • Press twice to skip to next song




Cool tips for jail broken iPhone: http://www.ismashphone.com/2009/07/15-useful-iphone-hacks-that-will-make-your-life-easier-.html

Enjoy your iPhone!


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