Galaxy Tab: a tablet or a huge smartphone?

I saw an interesting picture today of the new Galaxy Tab from Samsung:


As BGR wrote, you're not wrong, it's one hell of a gigantic Android based tablet.

Looks a bit odd to use that giant device as a phone like the phone icon may indicate…

Nevertheless, looking at the obvious next big war between smartphones OS that will be over dominating the tablets market, I can't stop admiring Apple's ability to define market needs when they barely exist…

Still, when it comes to actual tablets, I don't see (yet) the great value of using a limited OS instead of a full version of Windows 7 besides usability and battery life. I'm sure both of them can be easily solved.

On the other hand, I haven't tried the iPad yet, so I cannot really tell. Next week I'm going to be at Barcelona where hopefully I will put my hands on the magic, and see if it's really that great.