iPhone 4 has issues, but who cares!?

So, YES. The iPhone 4 does have a serious problem that cannot be fixed within the software.

It appears that when held with the left hand, assumedly connecting the two antennas, the signal drops significantly, often cutting off data and any phone calls. 


True, some people did not see this yet, some complains about similar symptoms in other phones as well, but bottom line is that Apple "cool engineering" made a serious fuck up this time…

Since it really cannot be fixed without changing the amazing design of the iPhone, Apple's response was a bit… weird, saying something like: "don't hold the phone like this and you won't have any problem…". Typical…

Most of the fanatics do not care:

Anyhow, regardless to what I think of this issue (OK, because you've asked: I think there are few <beep> people in Apple's QA that must go home for not finding this bug) – it seems like Apple's fan just do not care about those things: according to the iPhone Guru: between 1 and 1.5 million iPhone 4’s were sold on the first day.


"Those figures are based on 600,000 pre-orders, 100,000 sales in Apple stores, 50,000 sold in Best Buy and then an additional few hundred thousand sold outside of the US.

Munster also identified that 77 per cent of day one iPhone 4 purchases were being made by users upgrading from a previous iPhone. He also found that:

16% of buyers were switching carriers to AT&T
28% already owned an iPad
39%  of those who didn’t own an iPad hope to buy one in the next 12 months."

Reception Problems Continue:

So how will all of those users get used to the new problems of the iPhone 4? It's easy: check out some of the improvisations people did to avoid the reception problems:

500x_500x_newhold_01_01 500x_rubberbandphone_01  500x_500x_tapescotch_01 500x_iphone4face_01

(Images Source: Gizmodo)


Parrotlover77 said…
I really do not understand Apple fanboys.  I know many (including myself) joke about Apple fandom being 'cult' and the press being completely 100% in the tank for Apple...  But this reception fiasco just proves it.  Here's an example of a clear fuck up.  I mean there is no way you can excuse this.  This is massive QA fail.  And yet... fanboys don't care!

I consider myself a Microsoft fanboy.  I think the XBox 360 is amazing.  I think Windows 7 is the best desktop OS ever made.  I think just about every Microsoft server product, from Exchange to DPM to SQL just blow away the competition.  But when I saw WP7's design, I hated on them like a google fanboy.  I think WP7 is a terrible looking device (for my use).  I'm sure many will like it and hey, more power to them (same as iPhone, Blackberry, or Android users).  I'm critical of SharePoint's administrative shortcomings.  I think OneNote Mobile is a joke.  I see Project Natal and just shake my head -- another Wii-like 'alternative controller' knock off (confession: I love the Wii)? 

But it's like Apple fanboys don't have limits.  Apple could literally have every engineer poop in a chromed out box, call it the iPhone 5, and you would see positive reviews from the press and the fan crowd.

It is absolutely uncanny.  I have never, ever, see a company be able to do that!  It's absolutely cult-like.  Google is the press's second most beloved tech company, but even they get slammed when they turn out garbage.  Like Google Wave's ambition to replace IM, wiki, and email with one product?  Hillariously impossible and they were called out for it, despite the underlying tech being quite impressive.  Google's privacy issues and the way they bend over and take it up the butt from China?  They are always called out.

Steve Jobs' Chinese factory has high suicide rate and sweatshop conditions, who cares?!  It's Apple!