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Jun 3, 2010

Is Windows Mobile Completely Dead?

RiseAndFallOfPocketPC copy

Well, first Microsoft declared that Windows Phone 7 will not have backwards compatibility with WinMo apps, then they invented the term Windows Phone Classic for emerging markets, then they removed Windows Mobile development support from Visual Studio 2010…

Is that a hint?

Because I don't get hints…

But I do know how to read statistics:

According to iGR, last year Windows Mobile was "by far the most popular" in terms of number of developers writing apps for it. Flash forward one year later and it's now dead last.

"53% of the surveyed developers build applications for the Apple iPhone OS. The next most popular platforms were RIM BlackBerry OS, Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5. - this is a drastic shift from iGR’s 2009 developer study in which Windows Mobile was by far the most popular OS."

Interestingly, visiting some mobility events targeted towards enterprise organizations – I still found that the companies from the service sector still develop and purchase Windows Mobile based devices or apps…

So, what do you think? Should I make a new version for my good old SpoonAlarm?


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