RIM is preparing something big, will it make a difference?


Few months ago I wrote about RIM's ability to compete with Apple and Google's friends, given that the OS is becoming old'ish and the popular form factor with the QWERTY keyboard may not remain attractive.

Recently RIM has reported sales that fell short of analysts’ estimates, and immediately arose the debate about the company's ability to remain the smartphones leader in the next few quarters.

I'm not sure, although I must say BlackBerry devices give simple and accurate productivity tools no other Smartphone can give at the moment. But it doesn't seem to be enough anymore…

RIM, a company that proved to be surprisingly strong in the past, does not give up of course. The company announced 2 new phones are coming very soon and of course a new OS version (BlackBerry OS 6.0).


The company seems to believe the new devices and the OS are really BIG. Will that be enough? Looking at the leaked devices pictures (one of them below) I can't really say I'm too excited, but version 6 does seem to give some new benefits.


Here's a very nice video showing the new OS User Experience concepts:

Will BlackBerry devices remain so popular? Or will they slowly be replaced by Android devices all over?


Parrotlover77 said…
Looks pretty good!  The vertical slider form factor is probably my favorite, but it's so rarely used.  Maybe Blackberry will finally "do it right."

Sort of sad to see business features are only 1/3 of the video.  I guess to be competitive these days you have to appeal to the hipsters and kids.  It's not enough to be the best business device anymore.
MobileSpoon said…
Yes, notice how they emphasis the media player which now looks very similar to... all the other smartphones...