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Jun 6, 2010

Sorry, Wrong Number…


They say using cellphones (or smartphones for that matter) is bad for the human brain.

First, it burns it… secondly, using address books makes you forget the numbers, and researches found that remembering phone numbers can improve your brains performance.

Yesterday I had a call and it was a "sorry, wrong number" kind of calls… and I suddenly thought about it, that with today's address books, there are very few "wrong numbers".

Think about it. When was the last time you got a wrong number? 


Ken said...

<p>I get calls for a doctor's office every once in a while. It is an Indian named doctor, and most calls are from Indian sounding people. I googled my number with different endings, and found the culprit.
</p><p>I really should find their web site, and make sure they have their number listed correctly.

Meush said...

Address book only serves people who know you. but what about others that don't, like all those kind of service providers that are seeking for potential customers, and now go try to explain them that no, you don't need elderly dippers...

Amit B. said...

<p>Actually last time was yesterday. 

It does happen every now and then, mainly at home. now, i don't mean to be rude, but it usually happen with kids (who don't have cell phones yet) and old people (who probably not going to have one).
So in theory you are right. Practically, we are not there yet. 

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