Sure they are smart, but are they PHONES?


Just read an interesting post over at MobilitySite talking about the fact that many of today's smartphones are simply not designed to be practical phones: their size is too big, they have not buttons to enable quick calls, they are way to flat, hard to grasp, and lately, some of them (Nexus, iPhone4) have some reception issues as well…

(full article in here: Sure They’re Smart….But Are They PHONES?)

My response to this article is this:

I don't really need a phone anymore. At least not the kind of phone I used to use 2-3 years ago to mostly do calls with.

Here's why:

1. I'm constantly connected: SMS, Emails, Facebook, Twitter – they reduce some of the need to call people and talk…

2. I barely use my smartphone(s) as a phone. Most of the time when I talk, I do it from my car (I call it my portable office…) using my car speakers or during the evening using the earphones.

3. At the rest of the time, I really try to minimize talking with my phones – I hate the feeling of cooking my brain and most of my calls end within few seconds/minutes to be continued in other communication means.

Bottom line – I'm not sure I even care about call quality, and other "phone" related specifications of my smartphone – simply because I've changed the way I use it…

What do you think? Does it make sense to you?


Parrotlover77 said…
I agree with you to a point. 

First, the size/shape of the phone.  I agree completely.  I want a practical pocket computer.  So, for me, that means a nice hard keyboard (probably slide out), large wide screen, and precise/accurate screen.  Being comfortable pressed up against my face take a second place to those concerns.  Besides, really.. Who doesn't use a bluetooth headset (or whatever) these days?  Who cares about the form factor when it's mainly in your pocket when you are on a call.

Second, quick buttons.  Well, I would probably remap them to computer/gadget functions, which I like, but I can see how that might be an honest gripe.  Really, it doesn't take muhc room to slide in a thin row of buttons at the bottom.

Third, call quality.  Holy crap this is a pet peeve for me.  I don't expect a smart phone to be the best call quality possible, because they need to jam a lot of crap into a small box.  But, for example, the TP1's call quality was so bad, I had a really hard time hearing anything.  My TP2, OTOH, is load, crisp, clear, and when I flip it over, it has a VERY nice speaker phone.  It's pretty amazing the loudness and clarity you get from its speaker.  The TP1's speak was tinny, quiet, and just terrible.  Yea, I'm old skool.  Can't afford a new whizbang EVO yet. lol.

Forth, staying connected.  This is a big gripe of mine in another direction.  There is pretty much no good low-minute plan for high data usage.  I'm always paying for thousands of minutes I'm never going to use!  Of course they know this so that's why minutes are a commodity, but texting, which is FAR less bandwidth, is an up charge.  As for data... AT&T is even saying that's not unlimited anymore.  This sucks.  Data is mainly all I care about!
MobileSpoon said…
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