Will Droid X continue the success of the first Motorola Droid?


Droid X has been released, and it seems like Motorola continues to rock when it comes to Android handsets.

If you think about it, the Droid was the first to begin the Android revolution with the massive marketing and buzz around it. Then came Nexus One and other HTC Droids but think about Android success before the Droid?


The question will be how will the Droid X do against the other Android handsets? After all, when the first Droid came out it had to compete with the first Android phones which were considered to be immature. Now the story is completely different with the Nexus, Evo, Desire (which we recently had a chance to play with) and other great Android phones…

So, Droid X is out and you can find a very good hands-on review over at MobileCrunch.
Check it out, including the video below: