Bye bye Nexus One, was nice knowing you


Maybe it's a new trend, maybe the giants are not invulnerable as they seem, but lately it seems like many mistakes are being made by the technology leaders:

Microsoft – Killing the Kin (after achieving poor sales numbers)

Apple – iPhone 4 (OK, I know they are selling well, but hey, the antenna issue is a total fuck-up)

And now – Google, with the Nexus One (which I never liked…), following the footsteps of many others, saying that there will be no more shipments of Nexus One coming from HTC.

BTW, there are now rumors that the original Droid is nearing end of life too, which is quite faster than I would expect from such a successful model… I guess the tight competition is indeed costly, and old devices just cannot last…

And besides, it seems like the life period of a handheld device these days is much shorter than it used to be 2-3 years ago, don't you think?

Source – Google places final nail in nexus one coffin

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