Chop Chop Ninja. Shinobi for iPhone?


My cousin David is one of those ultimate geeks that used to go to those video games places to play… well… video games.


And over…


One of his favorite games was SHINOBI, a game that never ends (or does it? I just remember it took so long every time he started playing it…).


Yesterday, while downloading Chop Chop Ninja, (for free by the way, so head over to the AppStore and download it now…), for some reason, I remembered SHINOBI.



Take a shot and try downloading the game. It's free for probably a limited time, and it looks promising (I must say I didn't have a chance to play with it long.


David said…
Haha! Not too bad!

Ok, so:
1. Shinobi DOES have an ending. I finished it using a single coin!!
2. Chop chop ninja is nice, played it for some time and already deleted it (sorry).
3. No offence, but nothing matches Shinobi!

Still, was nice seeing those screenshots. Reminded me of us going to those video game shops and playing Shinobi! Feels like that was the only game there. Oh, there was also Wander Boy, which Danny used to finish using a single coin..  :)

Thanks for the sweet memories!
David said…
Know what I just noticed?? This game is from 1987! Geeeeeeee... What does it say about us??
Yair said…
Oh man, I LOVED that game so much...