Free App Alert: Tap Studio Pro (iPhone)

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I must admit I've never owned a "guitar heroes" kind of game. As someone who used to play real piano for 15 years, as well as guitar and drums – it just didn't seem like a real challenge.

Of course with the iPhone is different as having a 'tap tap' game is fun because you can use it everywhere but today I found about a game called Tap Studio Pro which is, in my opinion, the next thing in this games genre. This one allows EDITING the songs. Any song!

Is that cool or is that cool?

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I spent a few hours editing some of my favorite songs and I found that playing them afterwards was much harder than just "inventing them".

But bottom line – this game is fun. Pure fun.

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The app still has a lot of bugs, but it's currently free (for a limited time) so I suggest to get it while you can and later on wait for the bugs fixes…

tap studio pro1

Here's the application description:

Do you love Tap games? Are you tired of playing only what Tap Tap Revenge, Rockband and the other guys choose? What if you could tap ANY song you own? What if you could access a Tap Vault of over 50,000 song taps for an amazing variety of songs with hundreds more added every day?

"This is seriously the best app I've ever had, great graphics gameplay and you can play any song from your library, and If you don't have a song it gives you the option of buying it from iTunes, which in turn supports the artists hard work for creating music." - hds1984

Tap Studio PRO features:

✔ Create and play taps for all the music on your iPod touch , iPhone or iPad.

✔ 4 game play skins (Classic, Vector, Horizon and Landscape) with different graphics.

✔ 3 and 4 rail recording and playback in all game play skins!

✔ Most devices get enhanced gameplay graphics including a brand new 8x Bonus Mode and animated album art!

✔ Access to the Tap Vault and tens of thousands of user submitted taps for nearly any song imaginable!

✔ Tap Vault Library tab will automatically find song taps in the Tap Vault that match the music library on your device!

✔ Tap Vault browsing features include:  Featured, Most Popular, Highest Rated, Artist, Username, and a simple one line Search.

✔ Album artwork is part of the game play background!

✔ Share your best taps with the world!

✔ Send and receive Tap Challenges. Beat your friends high scores!

✔ Twitter support to tweet your amazing high scores

✔ Ability to specify a time offset in order to match a downloaded tap with your copy of the song

✔ Adjustable difficulty level setting that controls the playback speed.

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