The Incomplete Guide to Tower Defense Games (for iPhone)

Tower Defense games are one of the most popular games genre in the AppStore, during the past 2 years I've been trying a lot of TD games, here's an extensive list of recommended alternatives.
Oh, and of course, I saved the best 2 for last…

Ok, for some reason, this is one of the most popular TD games in the AppStore. I tried playing with it, I really tried, but I just cannot enjoy those graphics. I know it's a matter of taste which probably prevented me from enjoying the game – so maybe it is as good as people say it is?
Magical Tower Defense: A great idea with a performance not that great. Here the path is pre-defined, but the main problem is that the game doesn't have that "extra" magic (although the name hints that it does…) that will make you want to continue and play with it some more.

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Plants Vs Zombies:
OK, so this one a bit different than the others, here the enemies are walking in lines, and you need to stop each of them in his own line. Different, but refreshing, I haven't found myself completely addicted to this game yet, although I know it's very popular in the AppStore.
7 Cities: This Tower Defense game is one of the greatest ones: sound is superb, graphics are good, controls are good. Well done!
Here's a complete review of the game
Bugs Defense:
A colorful / childish TD game, a great idea, but sometimes the controls are not easy to use and the interface is a bit clunky. Nice game but probably not the best TD around. 
Crap of Defense:
OK, I admit, I never really played this one, but you have got to admit the graphics are original!
Hero Defense: This is considered to be one of the hardest TD games.
It's working in portrait mode which is a bit unusual and has a lot of activities going on, sometimes too much.
Marbles Tower Defense: This game is well made and polished. The controls are easy to use, but the game itself did not capture me.
The screen real-estate is being used differently than other TD games, where some of it goes for the controls themselves. 
Marbles Tower Defense-MobileSpoon
Sentinel Mars Defense:
This one is considered to be one of the best Tower Defense games, but I must admit I didn't like the animation that much, although it's quite good.
Sentinel Mars Defense - MobileSpoon
I admit, I never played this game in my life, but I figured if it got the best name of all (well, at least it was the first to capture it…) I better include it in my list…
Tower Defense Evo: No no no, Not HTC Evo, Tower Defense.
Similar to our number 1 game, but not quite as good…
Tower Defense Evo-MobileSpoon
Tower Madness This one lets you protect a pen of sheep from a selection of marching 3D alien baddies, who swoop in on elaborate flying saucers. Nice, but the 3D style is not my favorite kind of animation.

  OK, follow me now.

The winners:

So, that was the list of recommended tower defense games, but for me there are 2 games that are by far better than all he others, here they are:
The Creeps! Almost the best Tower Defense game, but still, a little bit behind. Still, I really recommend on this addictive game, which has a lot of different scenes, levels and creeps…
Path is pre-defined, but the enemies, the levels, the sounds and graphics – are all first class.
The Creeps-MobileSpoon
FieldRunners OK, so this is my favorite Tower Defense Game ever.
It is, for me, the best iPhone game and the one I spent the longest time on.
Here the path is not defined so there is an importance to where you place your weapons.
Hours. Hours spent on this game. And it was worth it.

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OK boys and girls, that's it for today!
Hope you found this incomplete guide useful – feel free to add your favorite tower defense games!

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Metformin said…
The Marbles Tower Defense is very nice game.
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Battleground Defense is my favorite.