MobileSpoon Recommends: Web Feeds for iPhone


If you like reading blogs, here's an iPhone app that can do the job for you: Web Feeds for iPhone is a great RSS reader that has all the usual offline/images/categories capabilities but it also has a few cool features that made me pick it after testing over 10 different other RSS Readers:

  1. It finds the feed address automatically, you just need to insert the website URL (yeah, I know, it sounds trivial, but most RSS Readers don't have that…)
  2. It allows "marking" a post, so you can mark multiple posts while reading and then, when you close the app, all the marked items are automatically pasted inside a new mail… This is great to keep interesting stories. It's also how I'm generating the Mobile Spoon Feeding posts…
  3. It has a simple but good enough UI.

So basically, those are the 3 things I found in Web Feeds that convinced me to dump my other RSS readers and stick with Web Feeds.

Here are some examples:

WebFeeds Web-Feeds-Mobilespoon 

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