Nexus One is the last of its kind


When Google released the Nexus One, I was certain it will be the first of a series. (I mean, this is what One means, right? it means there will be Two, Three, etc.)

Google recently announced there will not be Nexus Two.


I know many people who recently got a Nexus One phone. Two of them are good friends (one is a Google employee to be frank…) and some are work colleagues. They all love their Nexus. They are very happy with it. They all think it's way better than the iPhone, still they download the iPhone keyboard hack, the icons docking hack, iPhone SMS hack etc. Interesting...

When I reviewed the Nexus One, I wrote about the strengths of the smartphone which are mainly the Android OS. I also mentioned that the bad part of it is the hardware itself which I didn't like.

Few months ago Gizmodo wrote the following:

"74 days after the iPhone was introduced at $600 a pop (six hundred dollars), one million were sold. The Droid, at $200: 1.05 million. The Nexus One? An estimated 135,000 units. By any measure, that's a total sales flop."

I don't think it's a flop. I just think it has 2 problems:

1. It may not be good enough
2. It didn't get the amount of marketing other Smartphone's like the Droid got. That's a huge factor.

So the Nexus One is a darn good smartphone, it's not a superphone like Google originally called it, it's not as popular as the Droid, and we are not going to see the Nexus Two. For me it means only one thing: iPhone 4 – here I come.


Andro said…
keyboard hack ? its not a hack its only downloadable item , and I got back to the android keyboard quite fast.
all the things sms, icons are android , not Iphone related.