Screen, screen on the device, who has the prettiest display of them all?


OK, not sure I managed to rephrase the "mirror, mirror" phrase that well, but let's leave it for now…

If you are reading the mobile blogsphere on a regular basis, you probably saw that HTC gives up waiting on AMOLEDs, switches to SLCD on Desire and Nexus One.

So first, it's nice to know the Nexus One is still around

But, regardless to the comparison between the two technologies (Video- S-LCD vs AMOLED vs S-AMOLED vs LCD), and to the fact one is older than the other – there is one key thing here: mobile hardware vendors are struggling to keep up with the demand!
I think that's amazing!

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Oh, and one more thing, from what I saw, when working with the Nexus one, the battery life was one of the weak points of this handset.

The S-LCD is supposed to save battery life which can only help the new HTC/Android based handsets.

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