The secrets behind the Kin success…


How many Kins does it take to screw up a cool project?


When a colleague of mine told me today that Microsoft sold 500 units of Kin until the project shut-down I said: "No way!".

There are over 5,000 bloggers that would buy the damn thing just to produce a review! There are over 500 people (I'm sure) who would get it by mistake! And at least a few hundreds that will buy everything which is Microsoft just to show Apple there are other alternatives…

But, I was wrong!

According to MobileCrunch:

"DaringFireball’s John Gruber says a “well-placed little birdie” pinned the number at around 503 units during its two month lifespan. If that’s true, it’s an absolute trainwreck; I’m fairly confident in saying that even the lowliest, rattiest dumb phone that carriers only keep around in the backroom for the sake of the people who come in demanding a phone that does absolutely nothing besides call people sells more than 503 units in two months."

Of course, blogs nowadays are worse than tabloids, so who knows if that's real.

PocketNow has some other numbers. How about…


Much better ha!?

Still, the project is dead, not sure if it was that bad, but Microsoft decided to close it, and combine the good ideas of it (social media integration, a cool desktop app that shows your history of activities) into Windows Phone 7.

Hope that one goes better… 

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